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Business Succession & Exit Planning – The Future

For some businesses, exiting or selling will be a straightforward process; however, for most owners, a business succession or exiting will be difficult, expensive, and risky. Some of the biggest challenges are: finding a buyer, due diligence, and valuation.

Finding a Buyer:
in the right circumstances, At The Helm can partner with you to become your buyer, this can save up to 10% in brokerage fees and months spent looking for a buyer.

Due diligence:
is a process often used to grind the owner and the price down. At The Helm uses a process called “improvement diligence.” Instead of looking for flaws in the business to grind the price down; we are looking for improvement opportunities to make the business more valuable for all parties.

there is a “fair market value” bias against companies with less than $3 million in EBITDA. In most cases, they are valued in the 3-5x multiple range, regardless of the quality of the business. We are not restricted by so-called “fair market value” assessments, and in every successful case we can produce a better multiple AND a superior valuation.

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